Kile J


KILE J is a proud non-binary artist and performer, based in New York City. Originally from Houston Texas, Kile moved to New York to explore their creative talents, and since then has worked with some of the top influencers in the industry. Kile is a multi-dimensional artist with many skills under their belt. Their main canvas is performance art, which includes comedy, acting, and music.

As a performer, their work has gotten plenty of buzz. In 2015 their musical project Trak Joy was ranked 25 best songs of the week by CMJ for their debut single Skin. In 2019 they were a featured correspondent for Buzzfeed’s Facebook watch show “Did You See This.” where they talked news and pop culture while breaking out of gender binaries. In 2019 they were named a finalist at YAAAS FEST: an LGBTQ comedy competition in New York. Kile’s work is currently featured on Hunger Magazine, Teen Vogue,, Buzzfeed, and Afropunk, to name a few.

With Kile’s new genre-bending project that fuses southern music with modern pop and r&b, Kile is dedicated to creating work that unapologetically highlights the experiences and nuances of queer people of color.