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“When I’m off stage, my pronouns are They/Them. But when I’m on stage I feel freedom in being called She/Me/Her, because at the end of the day this is Kile, and I am no longer playing by anyone’s rules but my own.’’ -


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Kile Atwater Performing at Housing Works (Open Flame Pride Night)
Video Courtesy of Open Flame NYC

Kile Atwater Performing at Littlefield (Freaky Flame)
Video Courtesy of Open Flame NYC

Video Recorded @ YAAAS FEST
an LGBTQ inclusive comedy competition at Broadway Comedy Club. 

Recorded on location at Broadway Comedy Club
Video Courtesy of Broadway Comedy Club

Recorded at Black Flame NYC | Mood Ring
Video Courtesy of Black Flame

Video By: Nicholas Forest Royer
Recorded at Open Flame NYC

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